Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Tools Required Christmas Card Workshop

Here is a sample of 4 cards from this fun and easy card workshop.  Although difficult to see from this picture, there is lots of fun details on these cards, using glitter, liquid applique, and fun flock.  A great class to take with your pre-teen or teenage child.  Check here for more information about this workshop.  Class will be held on October 20th.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christmas Card Workshop

Send out lots of Christmas Cards every year?  This card workshop is designed for making 20 or 40 cards (multiples of the above 10 card patterns) using the Just Because Card Workshop found in the Wishes Card Confidence How-To Book.  You chose your favourite paper, and get coordinating embellishments.  I've found ways to keep costs low for this workshop, click here to find out more.  Please note the change of date to October 17th.  Registration deadline is October 1st.

Our first family boating trip

It's hard to believe, but this is the very first time all four of us have been in a boat together.  Darren resisted as long as he could, but after spending our 15th anniversary in the Emergency Department at the Regina General with his gallbladder, he was eager to make up for a bad anniversary.  The timing was right, as he had a new lease on life now that he was feeling better.  So when he asked what I wanted for our anniversary, I said "For you to go boating with us".  In his weakened, doped up state, he agreed, and I held him to that promise.  Darren had a few experiences on boats before, but none of them really went well, at least until last weekend.
We spent several hours last Saturday out on Boundary Dam in over 30 degree temperatures with my brother, his girlfriend, and my beautiful little niece, Ciara.  We boated, tubed and spent a long time just hanging out in the lake.  I couldn't think of another place I would have rather been at that moment, it was wonderful.  Not only did Darren seem to be feeling pretty comfortable on the lake, he actually admitted to enjoying himself!  He even talked about going out again....and teased us with comments about buying a boat (as long as it doesn't sit on the grass in the ditch like the last one - a story for another day).
Thanks for all your contributions to our great day Travis and Crystal!

Monday, September 14, 2009

And the winners are....

Thanks to everyone that supported my Idea Book Launch and Customer Appreciation Event on Sunday.  The turnout was perfect...just the right number of ladies to keep me busy.  I hope no one left feeling neglected, well except for Wanda perhaps, but she is used to it.  :)

As per my usual style, I forgot to take pictures of the day.  Next time I have to hire an official photographer, or at least get one of my kids to take some pics of the guests and displays.

So without further delay the winners of the door prizes were:

Tammy Heaton - It's Your Day (D-sized stamp set)
Wanda Vargo - Be Yourself (D-sized stamp set)
Terri Barath - Sunshine Thoughts (B-sized stamp set)
Tommi Kish - Animal Cookies Papers
Pat Daku - Animal Cookies Papers
Dree DeRoo - Animal Cookies Papers
Deb Sorenson - 4 cute little inchies (one inch stamps)
Carol Nicurity - 4 cute little inchies (one inch stamps)
Lynne Hengen - 4 cute little inchies (one inch stamps)
Terri Barath - 4 cute little inchies (one inch stamps)

Thanks again to everyone that came out to spend the afternoon.  It is great to share my passion with such a great group of ladies!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's dance!

Wow!  This is the most dancing my family has ever done in one night.  Darren dance more than he has in years (since before we were married), and Cole even seemed to enjoy learning to two step.  Of course, Rylie danced all night without any hesitation - perhaps she takes after me.  We all had a great time at my cousins' wedding this last weekend.  The wedding was lovely and it's great to spend time with Mom's side of the family.  Hoping to do that more often.  Congratulations Josh and Lori!

Another highlight of the long weekend was spending time with our long-time wonderful friends - David, Kristi, Kally and Brynn.  We did not have nearly as much time with them as we would have liked, but what little time we had was a lot of fun, as always.  Thanks for finding a ticket to Bryan Adams for me, Kristi!  Seeing this concert was definately one of my favourite experiences this summer.  I'm not sure which was better - seeing Bryan Adams, or going to a concert with just know you can sing and dance your heart out when your with her, which is precisely what I did.  What a blast!

My take on Twitterpated Workshop on the Go

This was the first of the new series of Workshops on the Go that I have completed.  I'm very excited that the new WOTG format comes with instructions for both scrapbook layout and cards all in one kit!  You don't have to decide if you are going to scrapbook or make cards until you pull out your first piece of paper.  The above picture shows part of what I made from this kit 6 scrapbook pages and 15 cards (added a little colonial white for some page and card bases), and there is still some uncut paper leftover.  The stamp set has a cute little hedgehog and mushrooms, along with a couple of sentiments.

Basic kit includes: level 2 paper pack, workshop guide, exclusive stamp set and chocolate ribbon rounds(discounted from $44.65) = $37.50
Best options includesthe above plus: Dimensional Elements In Color - Organic (chipboard buttons) = $4.50, Natural Hemp = $2.75, Brads Basic Assortment = $ 6.25  for an additional $13.50

Registration deadline for Twitterpated WOTG is September 15th at 6:00 p.m.  The order will need to be submitted tomorrow night to be shipped on time.  This class will be held on September 30th, 6:30 to 9:30 (location to be determined based on registration).  Hope you can make it!