Friday, June 26, 2009

Swap Spoiler - Thank you

Here is a second post tonight, to try to get me caught up. These are 3x3 cards cre8ed with Boom-di-ada Paper Pack, Cottage Floral Stamp Set, Liquid Glass and Prisma Glitter.

Swap Spoiler - Female Birthday

I guess I missed a few time flies. Here is another card for the card swap. Some of you may recognize it as a club card.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Swap Spoiler - Sympathy Card

Here is the Sympathy Card I designed using the Silhouette Creative Basics pack. Next post will not be until Wednesday, Tuesday night Cole and I are going to the Rider Game. I wonder if CTMH will be coming out with some green and white football paper in the fall catty....guess I should take my camera just in case. :)

Swap Spoiler - Boy Birthday

Hello friends,

I have participated in a five card swaps with other CTMH consultants. The deadline is later this week, so I thought I would share with you one card per day for this week. When I recieve the swapped cards, I will take pictures and post them here as well. There should be lots of great new ideas for us! ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few more cards, Beginner Card Class and Constant Campaign updates

Hope you enjoy some cards cre8ed for my clubs. These cards have been prepared with Emporium Paper (one of my all time favorite paper packs) and the Dream Wishes Stamp Set for the first card. Cole recently taught me how to use the macro feature on my camera, so hopefully the quality of my pictures will improve in time. :)

Thanks to all those who have shown interest in the Beginner Card Workshops being offered this week. Kipling has a pretty good turn out planned for Tuesday, and Maryfield's workshop is full for Thursday, with another one scheduled for July 14th. Thursday's class will be my first attempt at one hour class, so we'll see how that one goes before we determine the time for the July 14th workshop.

Update: Deal-A-Day Constant Campaign on my website ( I've been keeping an eye on this promotion daily, noticing that there has been a wide array of product offered as the free item each day. Two of my favorite items that have been offered so far are the Chocolate Ribbon Rounds and the Just Blooms Purple Flowers. In fact, I liked the chocolate ribbon so much that I had to place an order. As I always look for the best bang for my buck, I purchased the Angel Sent A-sized stamp set for $13.50 and received a $9.95 item for free - a deal I just couldn't pass up. The grand total with shipping/handling and taxes were less than $20.
The idea books have been taking a beating as I hunt for the next stamp set to order. The mystery boxes have been a huge hit with the many consultants. Might just get myself one. If the price for these boxes seem too high for your individual order - consider going in with a friend. Just a quick estimate on the savings for this product - approximately 65-75% off a box full of paper packs, stamp sets, ribbon rounds and accessories. For more information check here for today's Deal of the Day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Come on over for a look...

at my website. You can browse the June Deal of the Day Constant Campaign, some artwork and my calendar, as well as check out the lastest stamp sets and paper packs. Hope you check it out!

Here is my favorite quote (which might have something to do with my career choice):

What the world needs now is more love, and less paperwork.

Have a beautiful day!

Great time at a three day crop!!

Thanks Lynne, Cathy and Dianne, for making last weekend such a great one! Lynne organized a weekend-long crop at the Mother Theresa Centre last Friday to Sunday. What a wonderfully relaxing weekend it was, productive too. I forgot to take my camera back after Cole's ball games on Saturday, so did not capture the event on film. Guess we'll have to do it again, so I can get some pictures this time. We all expanded our horizons (growing closer in friendship, sleeping later than one had in 10 years, staying in pyjama's most of the day, and learned many more tips and used more tools than we could have imagined). The food and drinks were just right. I forgot a lot of important things like my pillow and sleeping bag if you can imagine, but it was okay because when you stay up until 3 a.m. scrapbooking you crash so hard that you don't even miss these things (luckily there were some quilts in the van from all the cool evenings watching baseball). I truly hope that we can make this an annual event!!

Sorry, no pictures tonight. Hope to get some pictures taken of more recent artwork within the next few weeks.